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Latest recruiting events in Dallas

After a successful event in Dallas and a lot of talented players attending, Bryan Samir was granted and sent to Spain to tryout with a Major league in Spain.


Upcoming events

Formative programs:

Discover the power of our exclusive spots in Spanish Clubs. Major and Minor leagues are available for your experience. Created for players and coaches


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Tryouts in Spain:

If you already have what it is take, go abroad and demonstrate your value. Clubs are waiting to complete their roster and let you get in. Professional Clubs, Major leagues and minors are available at your request. Designed in exclusive for players


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Grants and scholarships

Get qualified through our national tryouts. Spots running fast so make sure you apply on time.


Recruitment events

Touristic soccer trips & tournaments:

Everyone is welcome. Families, Clubs, Friends or individuals desiring a different vacation purpose. Our team will help you to design your experience. A innovative way to enjoy holidays!!! Rather if you all want to join to a soccer team or not, design your soccer trip at your convenience, add the soccer activities that best suits to your vacation time and see the extras that we can offer.


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Latest Participants: Walters Che



Ivan Juarez



Leo Londe



Brian Samir



Jason Cruz






Gabriel Molina



Oscar Moncada



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