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Individual & Group programs available during the whole year in SPAIN. Try yourself in a sensational program joining in a top level Spanish team or join to one of our combines and compete against pro teams. Make an impact in Scouts and Coaches attending and project your soccer career .


Make an impact with your team

Group program(Pre-registration open since December 15: If you think you are in the next level, this is your trip. Visit Madrid, compete against higher level teams and be scouted to extend your stay as your convenience. We will be glad you support you in the negotiation and recruitment process with the CLUBS.  Discover more

Be in the right place at the right time

Individual Program. (Recruiting now): Arrive to MADRID (SPAIN) and tryout with a high level Club. Impact in them and start building your background.

Full accommodation packages starting at $399/week(Terms, conditions and availability apply) Discover more

Feeling like home, living overseas…

Residential program included in all packages. Taking care of your nutrition, healthy habits  and safety. Three lunches included per day.

Full accommodation packages starting at $250/week. Discover more



INDIVIDUAL(available until December)

Group March 2022 (+17 AGES)

Registration open by December 15

Group June 2022 (15-18 AGES)

Registration open by February 15


OTHER GROUP PROGRAMS (Available since February)




Kaleem Shabout arrived on February, he tryout in Leganes, and pretty fast the entity discover on him the brilliant value on his soccer performance. He was invited to signing for the U23 team.

Unfortunately a knee injury stopped his progress and delay a little his goal. He is recovering and has different offers to go back to Spain and continue with the successful way he owns.

Kaleem Shabut llego a Madrid en Febrero del 2021, y tuvo la oportunidad de realizar una prueba en el CD LEGANES. Pronto descubrieron el gran potencial del jugador y le invitaron a formar parte del equipo Sub 23, donde pronto impresiono a los coaches.

Desafortunadamente, despues de varios meses compitiendo a un gran nivel, Kaleem sufrio una desafortunada lesion, de la cual actualmente se encuentra recuperandose para regresar a una de las ofertas que todavia tiene para asi recoger de nuevo el camino tan exitoso que esta recorriendo.



Oscar Moncada landed in Madrid on July 26 after a long wait because of a COVID 19 lockdown borders.

At his arrival, he had a great preseason experience in a higher level team, currently competing in the Spanish third division(Four position in 2021 year). CD MORATALAZ.  He has a great chance to show his skills during two weeks. After this time, and because of the great team that CD MORATALAZ owns he can’t make it and was recommended for the next division, where he is currently competing to hold an spot in the team. 

Oscar Moncada aterrizo en Madrid el 26 de Julio de 2022, despues de una larga espera debido al cierre de las fronteras por motivo del COVID 19.

En su llegada, disfruto de una experiencia en una pretemporada de un equipo de alto nivel, perteneciente a la tercera division Española, CD MORATALAZ. Alli tuvo la oportunidad de mostrar su potencial durante dos semanas aunque desafortunadamente y debido al gran alto nivel del equipo, fue recomendado a continuar su experiencia en un equipo de una categoria inferior, donde actualmente se encuentra compitiendo para abrirse un hueco en el equipo.


In collaboration with

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Our History

“Soccer Interservices began in 2015 with the intention of training and promoting the high level of soccer. In 2016 the company was established in Dallas Texas, where it followed the same line of work and adapted to the new reality. After a long market study, and the formation of a competitive club in the city of Dallas, the lack of high-level soccer resources and opportunities directed to soccer players was appreciated. As a result of this, Soccer Interservices wanted to break borders and shorten distances to provide the best world football to all places in the world, accompanied by the most awarded entities. This is only the first step”.

Last generation Company

Soccer Interservices works to continuously develop and provide experiences for players from all around the world. It promotes values of education and appreciation for all cultures. Throughout the whole administration, we support minimizing any negative attitudes or harmful practices towards every player that turns to our services. It is time to enter the 21st century as the forefront of how tasks should be executed at an exemplary level.


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