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Frequently Asked Questions



How do I know if I am eligible to participate?

As soon as you complete the application process, the recruitment team will review and evaluate your case. Approximately, three days a response will be given to you with your result and your recommended spot. Elite, Competitive, or non-eligible.

How is the evaluation process?

The evaluation process will follow the next steps: 1. Review your information submitted (Resume, Photos, videos, recommendation letters, etc.). The “evaluation form” will be the base of your first assigned status: Competitive, Elite, or non-eligible. 2. The two first days of the event, the scouts will verify your reported information during two scrimmages days.

I have no highlight videos, what can I do?

  • We understand, you have two choices:
  1. Ask for recommendation letters from accredited entities, coaches, or team that you participate with and record an individual training video showing your skills.
  2. Collect other valuable information to verify your eligibility.
Can I apply for two people in the same application?

Unfortunately, every participant needs to submit his/her own application and he/she will be evaluated by his/herself.

Can I apply again because I did not file the appropriate highlights?

Yes, you will be evaluated again, and a new id will be submitted, erasing then the last information provided. A new payment will be charged.

What if my evaluation does not meet my expectations?
  • We understand that there will be occasions where players will not like the results of their evaluation sometimes. However, we will give the participants a second chance two promote in the event. We can assure you that no matter which team you are in, you will receive exposure and the highest quality of footballing experience we can provide you.
  • If you do receive a “non-eligible”, you will have the right to “exceptional acceptance”. Our goal is to provide this opportunity to as many players as possible. 
Does the competitive team have a good level?

Of course, we will select the applicant by groups of level to make a great experience for everyone. In some cases, competitive status players could be promoted to elite status if the staff feels the player should be moved up during the first two days of the event. However, competitive team status just will be allowed to compete in two competitive games.

General Questions:

Do you have to be at US Citizen to apply?

Applications may be submitted from anywhere around the world. It is the participants responsibility to know the travel laws of their country and make sure if any documentation is needed for their trip.

Am I too old to apply?

We are looking for players who are 17 and older. No ages older than 24 are recommended for our packages in competitive purposes. Exceptions may apply.

Can this experience help me to get into college?

This Soccer Pro Experience can add an extra value to any players background, because of the competition all they will face.

Do I need insurance, or will I receive an insurance?

Our program just offers a regular insurance for the sport activities that we provide. All the participants need to submit the insurance proof before the first date of the experiences.

What teams will I play against in Spain?

Depending on the level of the team, it could be Top teams from the Spanish 3rd division or superior in exceptional teams’ cases. All teams will be expecting high quality players to ensure a quality match.

Will I be able to explore Madrid?
  • Monday and Friday nights, there will be some free time to explore, and in addition two full days will be given to the players to enjoy Madrid. 
  • Accurate information will be provided in the itinerary.
Will I be able to watch games in Madrid?

The package includes a Ticket for a LA LIGA game. We will post the game as soon as LA LIGA confirm the 2021 League schedule (COVID 19 may change it).

What if I have an agent and I want to participate?

The agent should be glad to do his/her job. The agent can collaborate with our team to ensure you receive a recommendation form about your level based on the performances you put out during this trip. 

I still have college eligibility; can I still go play?

The games that we provide in the programs are friendly matches, so no player will break their amateur status by playing in them.

Are scouts attending to the events?

We will provide reports in advance to scouts or agents (who are responsible to provide information to teams about players). They will follow your performance and if your meet his/her expectations, they can make you an offer.

How are the players selected from this event?

Players have to make sure they are impact players, focused, determined, and displaying a positive attitude and high work ethic.

Could I extend my stay if any team is interested in my soccer performance?

This is what we do: We will try to help as many players stay after the event, but if the players do not display the qualities we mentioned, it will be hard to be selected to stay.

Accommodation & Transportation:

How is the hotel accommodation?
  • Hotels in Madrid are huge and comfortable, we work with
  • Hotel Crowne Plaza Madrid airport, Hotel Silken Puerta Madrid and Apartamentos Compostela. The participants will be grouped by teams.
Can I have a room for myself or do I have to share?

All the participants will have a double room. If any participant wants to have a personal room, they need to communicate it and an extra expense will be added to the package fee.

Will I receive food?

The program includes Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Extra food or beverages will be charged at the participant’s convenience.

What type of food?

Meals will be addressed by Soccer Performance. It will be pertained to a professional soccer player’s diet.

What will the transportation to be?

“Autocares Julia” will bring a 25-30 people van per team. Only programed activities will be having these vans available, such as:  training sessions, matches and approved experiences.

Can a family member stay with me in the hotel/room?
  • This is a pro experience, so we would like all players to remain focused as much as possible and also participating in as many events possible. Thus, we would not like parents to be staying with the hotel or taking the players away from the tour. 
  • However, we are not opposed to any family members following our matches or spending time with their player on their day off, if there are no events planned.

Emergency situations:

What happens if I get injured before the event?

After injury evaluation and verification, we will provide you three solutions: 

    1. Come to the experiences with limitations 
    2. Delay your experience to the next available experience.
    3. Cancel your experience. (conditions may apply)
What happens if I cancel the trip, will I be refunded?

All considered emergency cases and after evaluation, you could be refunded (Expenses or fees may apply).